It’s no secret that I love fashion. Nothing like a great outfit or a fantastic pair of shoes to bring a smile to my face, and I would even venture to say, pump up my productivity at 工作. You know how they say, “当你看起来不错时,你会感觉良好”,我们当中有些人敢于补充,“when you look good, you may even 工作 better”!
良好的时尚感,尤其是在工作场所中的女性展示时,都与缺乏专业素养或能力无关,似乎职业时尚潮流正在转变!因此,针对职业女性的时尚博客的爆炸式增长,以及“wear-to”work” for fashion retailers. Not only is there now much of a demand, and a growing market, for professional fashion, but there is also an increased positive focus on the image and presentation of women in the 工作place.


2.良好的时尚感可以帮助您更认真地对待自己. A recent survey demonstrated that well-dressed women, and women who wear tasteful make-up at 工作, tend to be taken more seriously than their less well-dressed counterparts. Good excuse to go shopping!


所以,如果所有这些好的时尚感都没有’不要直接把你带到购物中心’t know what will…